Spa, massages, sauna, jacuzzi

Le spa du Chateau de Salettes
Located in the heart of the Château de Salettes, the wellness area offers a magnificent view of the Millennium vineyards and the Sodrome valley.
We offer you a calm and timeless environment.

Enjoy a unique sensory experience with the SOTHYS range of treatments, our 2 treatment cabins (including 1 double cabin), a sensory shower, a sauna and a jacuzzi.

Intense relaxation thanks to the care provided by our therapists. They will take you through the SOTHYS world of care, combining unique and innovative formulas with gestures and exclusive care protocols. For over 70 years, the same passion for perfection, the same quest for global beauty revealed to women and men through well-being and efficiency. That’s why we wished you the best for a unique experience.



  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sensory Shower

Rates (per person) : (at disposal: bathrobe, towel and slippers) – for 1h30

– hotel clientele (except package and off-line booking): 20 €

– outside hotel (entry with care or restaurant booking only) : 40 €


– Privatization*  :  25€/person from 2 persons ~ 50€ for 1 person (in the morning)


WELLNESS AREA (by reservation only) :

In partnership with Sothys, we offer a wide range of massages and treatments:


Face Care :

Traitements Intensifs :

Expérience sensorielle unique pour une efficacité ciblée : l’excellence du soin en cabine

Soins Description Rate Durée
Traitement intensif hydratant Hydra3Ha Hyaluronique acid TM Des résultats en 1 soin seulement, jusqu’à +71% d’hydratation (pour homme et femme) 85 € 1h15
Traitement intensif
anti-âge (C)
Collagène HyaluroniqueTM
Soin hydratant aux acides 3 soins, 4 ans de gagnés (pour homme et femme)


85 € 1h15

Soin fondamental / découverte :

Pour entretenir les différents types de peau

Soins Description Rate Durée
Men / Women Peaux normales

Peau sensibles

Peaux mixtes à grasse

Peaux à rougeurs diffuses

70 € 1h

Body Care :

Soins Rate Durée
Scrub 50 € 30 min
massage 60 € 40 min

(Extensible par tranche de 20 min)

enveloppement 50 € 30 min
Scrub + Massage 100 € 1h10
Scrub + Enveloppement 90 € 1h00
Massage + Enveloppement 100 € 1h00
Scrub + Massage + Enveloppement 140 € 1h40