Château de Salettes : A GREAT Gaillac WINE

Château de Salettes: A GREAT Gaillac WINE

Le Château de Salettes was built on a rocky spur, overhanging its estate, at the earth of Gaillac vineyard, between Albi and Cordes.
Facing south on an argilo-calcareous soil, the vineyard is located in an exceptional geo-climatic zone.
Richness and character of Gaillac wines spring from a blend of very typical grape varieties such as Duras and Braucol for red wines, Mauzac and Loin-de-l’oeil for whites ones.

Our wines are matured in 400 liters oak barrels, in a temperate cellar. That’s why they are so smooth, so delicate and ranked amongst the greatest Gaillac wines.

Viticulture dates back to Roman invasions, but the birth of Gaillac vineyard occurs in 973 with the
Benedictine Monks of the St Michel Abbey in Gaillac.

Among the lands offered by the Toulouse County, the Benedictine chosen to establish the vineyard in the Salettes parish.
Salettes has been recognized since as a terroir and described as an “Elite Vineyard Core”.

Today, Le Château de Salettes is operating a 32 hectares family vineyard of average 40-years-old vines.