Privacy policy

Privacy Policy of the website was updated on 19/02/2024.

Reference texts: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 25/05/18: regulation that governs the rules for the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679). French law on personal data protection (adaptation of the former Data Protection Act to the new European rules): law n°2018-493 of June 20, 2018 relating to the protection of personal data.

  1. Definitions:

1.1 The Publisher: the person, physical or legal, who publishes online public communication services. 1.2 The Site: all the sites, Internet pages, and online services offered by the Publisher. 1.3 The User: the person using the Site and the services. 1.4 Personal data: “information that allows, in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, the identification of the individuals to whom it applies” (Article 4 of law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978).

  1. Who are we?:

2.1 The Publisher: SARL Hôtel du Château de Salettes Phone: +33 5 63 33 60 60 SIRET 40087569600017 VAT FR 51400875696 NAF code 551 A RCS 400875696 Albi Company located at the place called “Salettes, 81140 Cahuzac sur Vere – FRANCE Data Protection Officer (DPO): Catherine Le Net Email address: Phone: +33 5 63 33 60 60 Webmaster: Lionel Martin (Wami-Infotech –

2.2 The Site: managed by the company SARL Hôtel du Château de Salettes represented by Catherine Le Net –

The above-mentioned URL will be referred to as the “Site”. Its use is subject to this Policy.

  1. Nature of personal data and collection:

In the context of using the Site, the Publisher may collect the following categories of personal data concerning its Users: When they fill out contact forms, request information, ask for a quote, etc.: Civil status, identity, identification data: name, surname Data allowing to contact the user: email When they request access, rectification, deletion, export, opposition, or limitation of the processing of personal data: Civil status, identity, identification data: name, surname Data allowing to contact the user: email, phone

  1. Storage and protection of personal data:

4.1 Hosting of data: The Site is hosted by: Gandi SAS, whose head office is located at 63-65 boulevard Masséna – 75013 Paris. The host can be contacted at the following telephone number: +33 (0) 1 (privacy policy: The Publisher undertakes to implement all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security adapted to the risks of accidental, unauthorized or unlawful access, disclosure, alteration, loss, or destruction of personal data concerning Users. The Site is protected by the “https” protocol and by a tool ensuring its security and anti-spam.

4.2 Publisher’s equipment and security measures: The equipment (computer and hard drive) used by the Publisher is protected by antivirus and firewall. Access is secured by a password.

4.3 Messaging service: Email exchange is managed by the following service(s): Thunderbird: Outlook: Google mail: Orange:

  1. Communication of personal data to third parties:

5.1 No transfer, rental, exchange, or resale to third parties: User data is not communicated to third parties (neither transferred, rented, exchanged, nor resold). However, the Publisher informs the User that they may be disclosed in application of a law, regulation, or pursuant to a decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority.

5.2 Submission of personal data to third-party services: Personal data is not submitted to any third-party service.

5.3 Transmission of personal data to subcontractors, service providers, or other third parties: User personal data is transmitted to the Company’s subcontractors. These are bound by contractual obligations to respect the confidentiality of the Data and to exploit it only for the purposes for which it is transmitted to them, in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR: the IT service provider the website webmaster the accounting department

  1. Purposes of processing of collected personal data:

The personal data collected may be reused by the Publisher to: fulfill its contractual commitments and perform operations related to customer management concerning: quotes; contracts; invoices; accounting and customer account management; customer relationship management such as conducting satisfaction surveys, handling complaints, and after-sales service; manage requests for access, rectification, and opposition notify the User of changes to its legal notices or privacy policy manage unpaid bills and litigation, provided that their management does not relate to offenses and/or does not result in the exclusion of the individual from the benefit of a right, benefit, or contract. The data collected for this purpose is not used for any other purpose. Similarly, within the company, access to personal data is strictly limited to employees of the data controller authorized to process them by virtue of their duties.

  1. Links to Third-Party Sites:

The Site may contain links to other sites or to various social media platforms managed by individuals or legal entities over which the Publisher has no control. Therefore, it cannot be held responsible for how the User’s personal data will be stored or used on the servers of these third parties. It is advisable for the User to familiarize himself with the applicable privacy policy of each third-party website he accesses via the Site in order to appreciate how his data will be used.

  1. Data aggregation:

8.1 Aggregation with non-personal data The Publisher may publish, disclose, and use aggregated information (information relating to all its Users or specific groups or categories of Users that it combines in such a way that an individual User cannot be identified or mentioned) and non-personal information for sector and market analysis and demographic profiling purposes.

8.2 Aggregation with personal data available on User social media accounts: User personal data is not aggregated with personal data available on their social media accounts.

  1. Collection of identity and identification data:

9.1 Free consultation: Consulting the Site does not require prior registration or identification. It can be done without the User providing any personal data (name, first name, address, etc.). The Publisher does not record any personal data for the simple consultation of the Site.

9.2 Collection of identification data: The site does not offer a “subscriber” or “client” account, nor the possibility to leave comments (informational site only).